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Case of the missing panty hose!!!!

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1Case of the missing panty hose!!!! Empty Case of the missing panty hose!!!! on Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:36 pm

When we were young teenagers, I had a period of miss placing my hosiery. One night when Jerry was tucked away in his bedroom, I knocked on his door there was no answer. So I walked into his room, he was sleeping with the covers over his head. I tapped him on the back someone popped up from his bed. This person looked to me like a burglar with a stocking over his head and face just like in the movies. Shocked I screamed and started to run out of his room, he grabbed me my arm and said, "It's me Jerry." After a few exchanges of "no it's not, "yes it is", he pulled up the stocking and said "look". I asked him what he was doing, afraid he had taken on a life of crime or something. "I am just straightening my hair!!!! Like you iron yours and wear those ridiculous OJ cans on your hair". Needless to say this did not last long for then the Afro came in style and Jerry, you had the BEST ONE!!!!

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