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Jerry "Bob Sweeney" McIntyre

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1Jerry "Bob Sweeney" McIntyre Empty Jerry "Bob Sweeney" McIntyre on Thu Oct 08, 2009 2:23 pm

When we were kids growing up there was a man known for being the town drunk, namely Bob Sweeney, whose trademark was he mowed yards with a push mower and always had a bottle of whiskey in his back pocket and a cigar. He was once sent to prison for the winter for washing his clothes at the laundramat, of course he was sitting naked in the window with his shoes on while his clothes were laundered....

In the early 70's we were all young marrieds, and had house parties at any opportunity. My house was an apartment at the Old Telephone Office. it was snowing and cold and I look out the window and there is Jerry mowing the front yard with a push mower, bottle of whiskey in his pocket, and a cigar in his mouth. Doing his Bob Sweeney act! Well at least he wasn't doing the laundramat imitation but I'm sure he would have if he had thought of it!

Another fond memory is high school years and him seeing how many people he could pile into Margie's volkswagon and go around corners on two wheels. He drove like a maniac. Sidewalks, yards, nothing was sacred and everything was exciting and humorous!

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