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Always to the rescue

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1Always to the rescue Empty Always to the rescue on Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:57 pm

About 10 years ago, a tornado went through Turreyville where I live, not far from Jerry & Rhonda. There were trees down everywhere, one across my front porch and one across the back. One could get out of the house, but tree climbing experience would be a plus. Cousin Judy (Miller) had spent the night before and was lucky enough to share in the tornado experience. I called Jerry, like I always have, from my cell phone, since all utilities were out of commission, for help chopping up the trees so we could get in and out of the house. At first, he didn't believe me. He accused me and Judy of partying too much the night before (ok, so he was always right), and he wasn't falling for any of our tales. So as we are bantering back and forth, and I am trying to convince him that, yes, a tornado really did hit my house, Judy says loud enough for Jerry to hear, "Hey, I smell gas! And what is that hissing noise". "Oh %&*!$, I just lit a cigarette". Right at that exact second, my cell phone goes dead. It was the most unbelievable timing! What Judy had said about the gas and the cigarette were the last things Jerry heard. So Jude and I climb out through the front porch, literally, and are standing out in the highway with all my neighbors watching to see if my house is going blow up (the tree that flew past my window, just like in the Wizard of Oz, popped the lid off my propane tank that USED TO sit right outside the kitchen window). So about 5 minutes later, as we are standing in the highway, we look up to see Jerry walking (ok, more like jogging) down the road coming to our rescue. Now him coming to the rescue is very typical as most of us know, but the amazing thing is that he lives 5 minutes away from me and the highway was closed at the junction to Grafton because of downed wires. My house is a good mile from the junction. I will never understand how he made it there in such a short time. But I do believe if he's not Superman, he is a close relative, because he has always come to my rescue.

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